Booking Through Thursday: Thankful

What book or author are you most thankful to have discovered?
Have you read everything they’ve written? Reread them?
Why do you appreciate them so much?

Well, that’s quite a question! The author that instantly springs to mind is Jacqueline Carey, whom I discovered via Brandon Sanderson’s recommendation of The Sundering, a duet that deconstructs The Lord of the Rings beautifully.

I haven’t read everything she’s written; I’m saving them up, like I’m doing with A Song of Ice and Fire. I think what I love most about her writing is how thoughtful, creative, and inclusive it is. Her characters feel like real people, her writing is beautiful, and she’s one of those writers who can make you read anything. Her work makes you think and re-examine things. It’s, quite simply, lovely.

Your Thoughts?

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