Booking Through Thursday: Queue

What are you reading now?

Would you recommend it?

And what’s next?

At the moment I’m reading my first piece of Dragon*Con swag, John Lenahan’s Shadowmagic, which I would not recommend—there’s zero set-up and it desperately tries to be funny without ever hitting the mark. Next up is Amy Kathleen Ryan’s Glow, which will be released next Tuesday, so I need my review up by Monday, even though it’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week next week. (Blindsides me every year. I should probably put it on my calendar.) It’s young adult science fiction, so I don’t foresee any problems with that. After that, probably Lavinia or Mélusine to cleanse the palette before A Fire Upon the Deep, then Blood Rights, then The Children of the Sky… my queue is so orderly at the moment, but I’m working with some advance reviews at the moment. Usually, it’s a lot more free and easy.

10 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Queue

  1. I gave you a book when we met at Dragoncon because you told me you had a literary blog. I assumed you would be reading my book before reviewing it but I guess just commenting on a passing impression saves time. My mistake.

    John L

    • Sir, I completed your book yesterday and the review is scheduled for October 5, as per my strict posting schedule. I always give what I read a proper review. This prompt asked me for my impression and I gave it. I do not promise anyone a favorable review.

  2. Only a foolish author would write to a reviewer expecting a good review. Humour, especially in YA, is subjective – as is an objection to starting a novel in media res.

    I have only ever written to one other reviewer and that was for the same reason as my correspondence to you – your post implied that you had offered a conclusion before you had read the book.

    John L

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