Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Appreciation

Appreciation! There are no awards this year, but it can still be hard to navigate the huge universe of book blogging. Share with your readers some of the blogs you enjoy reading daily and why.

Oh, gosh.

I actually kind of dread this question every year. I’m the kind of person who just wants everybody to get along, man, and when I’m asked to single someone out of a crowd of favorites, even for something awesome, I get uncomfortable. What to do? Well, what would Wonder Woman do? Avoid it entirely by pointing out how awesome everyone on my reading list is, of course. (Not that I’m saying Princess Diana avoids stuff. I am saying she loves everybody pretty much equally.)

A Dribble of Ink: Aidan’s writing is thoughtful, measured, and casual, and it’s nice to get news from the world of speculative fiction with a personality.

A Striped Armchair: Eva’s enthusiasm for multicultural literature is absolutely infectious and radiates through her writing. Although chronic illness keeps her from blogging regularly, she still keeps at it—which is good, because I love to see her posts!

Active Voice: The book blogging home of Jessica Plummer and Becky Allen, two good friends who are also just awesome. They focus on children’s and young adult literature, but never give it a pass for its audience, holding it up to exacting standards. While they don’t blog regularly, I still perk up every time I see an Active Voice review on my feed.

Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog: Anastasia, like me, is omnivorous when it comes to books, which feels rarer than it should. Her reviews are concise and fun, especially her bonbon-sized mini-reviews.

Bonjour Cass: One time Cass and I tweeted several puns based on the names of American Presidents to each other. I think that’s really all you need to know about how cool Cass is.

Fyrefly’s Book Blog: I featured Nicki last year during Book Blogger Appreciation Week, and everything I said still applies.

Jenny’s Books: Jenny took the summer off, and I missed her funny, warm, and snarky reviews—I’m so glad she’s back.

lady business: The blog’s subtitle is “THIS IS FEMINISM X IT IS NOT SCARY PET THE PRETTY FEMINIST PONY XX”. Bloggers Ana, Jodie, and Renay aim a feminist lens at pop culture and media, including novels, and what they dig up is always fascinating. Some book blogs are records; this book blog is a call to action. Love it.

Regular Rumination: I am not a poetry person. Lu is. The fact that I can understand her passion for poetry through her writing is, I think, a testament to her writing skills.

Laura Miller @ Technically, it’s not a book blog, but Laura Miller’s writing on books is so clear, considered, and just generally amazing that I can’t let her go without a mention. Her book, The Magician’s Book, is genius. Try the blog or the book, you won’t be disappointed.

Shelf Love: Friends Teresa and Jenny share their reviews with each other and the world, covering an impressive breadth of books with thoughtful but distinctive writing styles.

Stella Matutina: Fun fact: I always say “Stella Matutina” to the tune of Frere Jacques. Ding dang dong, people. Anyway, Memory is an omnivore with a taste for fantasy, a passionate blogger, and she turned me onto writing people actual letters, on paper and everything, so she’s pretty cool.

The Feminist Texan [Reads]: Melissa likes feminism, donuts, and Junot Diaz. She is a winner. Plus, she tends to read books that I wouldn’t ordinarily pick up, so her blog is a great way for me to keep an eye on books outside of my comfort zone.

things mean a lot: Ana, who also blogs at lady business, just took a blogging break in order to relocate, so I’m going to be missing her thoughtful and academic reviews until she gets back. Plus, she also sharpens her critical teeth on cult television, which I think we should do more as a community.

And that’s the lot of them! These are the blogs that are actually on my RSS feed, that I actually look forward to reading, and that, at least in my head, make up my book blogging community. I hope to meet more this week!

24 thoughts on “Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Appreciation

  1. Ooh, I remember when you and Cass did the pun thing! I only observed, since I know so little about American presidents, but it brightened my day.

    And thank you. ❤ You should receive an actual, paper letter within the next few days, if it isn't there already. 🙂

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