Review: LEGO, A Love Story

LEGO, A Love Story by Jonathan Bender


As Jonathan Bender points out at the beginning of LEGO, a Love Story, adult fans of LEGO (more commonly known by the abbreviation AFOLs) have a name for the period of time between playing with LEGO as a kid and playing with LEGO as an adult: the Dark Ages. I ditched LEGO fairly early on in my childhood, mostly because, despite my best efforts, you could not actually eat the damn things. (I moved onto eating glue.) But I emerged from my Dark Ages when LEGO picked up the The Lord of the Rings license. So far, I’ve just organized my LEGO bricks and started collecting female minifigures, but I’ve been looking for a way to start building with the damn things. When I saw LEGO, a Love Story at the library, I thought Bender’s experience getting back into it might help me along my own journey.

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Review: The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2009

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World by Bob Sehlinger with Len Testa

I have never been to Walt Disney World. I have been to Walt Disney Land. I believe there’s footage in my family’s vast archives of me riding an attraction and looking surprisingly surly for a baby. As I became more and more of a Disney fan, my wish to visit Walt Disney World grew. When I stumbled across The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2009 at one of my local thrift stores, I realized it was a sign. It was time to hunker down and plan the trip.

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