Giveaway: A Back To School Giveaway

As I’m packing up to head back to college in a few weeks, I’ve been sorting through my books. This semester, my classes require a lot more books (Jane Austen’s entire canon, anyone?), and I have much less space for any personal reading. But what to do with the leftover books? Why, send them on to my beloved readers, of course. What’s up for grabs is after the jump.

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Review: Shadow of the Swords

Shadow of the Swords by Kamran Pasha

As I was reading Shadow of the Swords, I was getting a strange feeling. It didn’t feel like any book I’d read before, but still familiar. When I read the Author’s Notes, I discovered why–Shadow of the Swords was originally conceived as a screenplay, but turned into a novel after the success of Kingdom of Heaven, a film I quite enjoyed (but need to brush up on–I think it may have come on the very heels of my Orlando Bloom phase). This made everything suddenly make a lot more sense.

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