The Sunday Salon: Alternate Current Events

For the past week, I’ve been encountering a very strange sight at my local grocery store. (We are not the best food planners, my mother and I, so we’re constantly dashing over to pick up bread or apples or milk—good thing it’s five minutes from the house!) Perusing the magazine racks in search of the Entertainment Weekly containing the The Hobbit photos, I came across an issue of Newsweek with a very strange photo: Princess Diana as an elegant woman in her fifties, striding alongside Kate Middleton. It turned out to accompany an article entitled “Diana at 50” by Tina Brown. While others might be first struck with the tastelessness of it, I was first struck by the fact that, however it got there, a piece of alternate history was front and center on a grocery store newsrack in a small town, being presented as journalism. How incalculably… odd.

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