Reading by Ear: Walk Two Moons

Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech
read by Hope Davis


My geographically unstable childhood had, at least, one constant: heat. While it’s dry in southern California and humid here in Georgia, oppressive heat is such a part of my life that I am the most cold-blooded person you will ever meet. A friend, trying to explain how cold-blooded she was, held my hand as proof. “Your hands feel like mine do to other people,” she said. I’m very familiar with M&Ms liquifying in their shells, rearview mirrors melting off windshields, and the covers of paperback books detaching from their contents. One such book during middle school was a copy of Walk Two Moons. Stumbling across the audiobook at the public library, I realized I remembered very little about it, making it a perfect candidate for this feature.

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