Review: Textual Poachers

Textual Poachers by Henry Jenkins

After finishing my last read, I looked at my stack of library books, sighed, and declared, “Bring me Jenkins!”. Nothing perks me up or fascinates me like media studies and particularly Henry Jenkins’ even-handed writings on the subject, and I know it’s time for me to start focusing on the books I can only get at my college library. (Oh, I don’t want to think about graduating. I’m ready and not ready, you know?) So I ventured into the stacks and came out clutching Textual Poachers, apparently the first person to check it out since 1996.

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Review: Vested Interests

Vested Interests by Marjorie Garber

I try to do my best to shy away from social binaries. The proper way to see such things, in my experience (limited though it is), is as a spectrum. The binary of sexuality, of course, is spectacularly easy for me to dismiss and dismantle, being an X on the Kinsey scale. Seeing gender as a spectrum is easier for me than, say, for my parents’ generation, but I still have a lot to learn about seeing gender outside the binary. Vested Interests, though, came to my attention when I was still in high school, trying to figure out just why my devotion to trousers was such a subject of consternation for my mother. The subtitle being Cross-dressing & Cultural Anxiety, it sounded like it could clear things up.

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