Review: Mapping the World of Harry Potter

Mapping the World of Harry Potter edited by Mercedes Lackey

The Harry Potter fandom was actually my first brush with literary criticism—no wonder, since the fandom spent so much time between books feverishly picking them apart to find out what could happen next. While I don’t want to go and find it again (there are some things best left to history and nostalgia), I specifically remember an essay about Peter Pettigrew that opened my eyes to how much meaning you could take away from a text. With that in mind, I decided to pick up Mapping the World of Harry Potter (known in later printings as Mapping the World of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, for copyright reasons, I assume) as my first foray into the pop cultural offerings of Ben Bella Books.

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The Literary Horizon: A Tapestry of Dreams, A Tailor-Made Bride

Over the year and a half (I don’t want to say years yet), you may have gathered that, while I have a wildly eclectic taste in books, I don’t talk about romance novels much. Perhaps you may have concluded that I don’t like romance novels. However, this isn’t the case. I like romance novels, but there’s usually so many problematic elements raised from assumptions of heteronormativity and depictions of supposedly healthy relationships that I usually dispense with the genre unless someone recommends some to me. All of this is to say that we’re going to look at two romance novels on my reading list—both of which are historical novels.

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