Review: The Best American Essays 2012

The Best American Essays edited by David Brooks


Have you guys heard of Longreads? If you haven’t, it’s a website that aggregates the “best” (I use quotation marks to denote the subjectivity of this claim, not to be sarcastic) long-form stories on the Internet. While they do highlight fiction, I’m much more interested in the nonfiction essays. Between Longreads and Autostraddle’s fantastic feature “Things I Read That I Love”, I’ve come to love and adore the essay over the past year, so it was really a no-brainer to pick up The Best American Essays 2012 when I saw it on the new shelf at my home library. I usually don’t pick up collections like this, but I thought it would be a nice thing to peruse over the holidays.

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Review: Sixpence House

Sixpence House by Paul Collins

Sixpence House certainly has an arresting subtitle–Lost in A Town of Books. While that might conjure up more fantastical images (am I the only fantasy geek who gets disappointed when she discovers that, say, Crescent Dawn is not a fantasy novel?), it’s a slim little memoir in the “year in the life” vein, albeit without any wacky experiments. It came to me by way of Nancy Pearl’s Book Lust, as many of my books do. After the dizzyingly wonderful ride of The Sundering, I needed some nonfiction to bring me back down to earth and cleanse the palette.

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