Interview: Pamela Samuels Young

Pamela Samuels Young is a lawyer by day, mystery author by night–or should that by every waking moment? In the last four years, she’s written Every Reasonable Doubt, In Firm Pursuit, Murder on the Down Low, and, of course, Buying Time, a great thriller that I reviewed on Wednesday. (You can read the first chapter here.) Ms. Young was kind enough to become the first author interviewed here at The Literary Omnivore by answering a few questions. Let’s dig in!

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Review: Buying Time

Buying Time by Pamela Samuels Young

I usually tend to have a hit and miss relationship with thrillers, as opposed to my mainly antagonistic relationship with cozy murder mysteries. When I was offered the opportunity to read and review Buying Time, I thought it might be different from the other thrillers I’ve read, since Pamela Samuels Young is a woman of color, as opposed to the white gentlemen who seem to dominate the field both outside the books and in them. I was absolutely right–I physically could not put Buying Time down.

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