Review: Fledgling


by Octavia E. Butler


When I propose books for my book club, I try to pick books that will open up a conversation beyond the book itself. (We are a ladies’ speculative fiction book club, so we invariably end up talking about how much we hate Steven Moffat, but I can’t rely on that! He goes quiet sometimes!) I also try to propose as much diverse sf as I can. In proposing Fledgling to the group, I was hoping that we could talk about race in speculative fiction, vampires, and, of course, Octavia E. Butler, who I had never read before. And that wasn’t for lack of recommendations. But I thought I’d managed my expectations very well, starting out with her last novel before moving onto the novels on my list.

(What if I read her canon back to front? I have no idea what that would yield critically, but because it’s something I’ve never done before, I think it’s worth a shot.)

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