Review: Imaginary Girls

Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma

Imaginary Girls came to my attention when it was reviewed by Becky at Active Voice. I’m not sure if it was the cover or Ruby’s charisma, but it ended up on my list. (I have to admit, young adult covers are almost uniformly gorgeous; I don’t know if it’s because publishers think teenagers will flee at the sight of an ugly book or narrow margins, but I do wish they’d take such care with adult fiction from time to time. It only seems fair.) As I rounded out March, it seemed the least threatening out of the intimidating pile of library books I had accumulated, and I picked it up.

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The Literary Horizon: Imaginary Girls, The Fault in Our Stars

Is it weird that I associate young adult fiction with presentation as much as with its audience? There’s something about those slim, smooth volumes with appealing cover art that’s so particular to them. Is it because young adults are the new hip audience? Is it because older readers will power through lackluster cover art? I don’t know, but that’s really all that links today’s selections from my bucket of recommendations—they’re young adult fiction and they look gorgeous.

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