The Sunday Salon: Authorial Biopics

In addition to books, I love movies. I thoroughly enjoyed my Introduction to Film Studies class last semester, to the tune of keeping the textbook for further reference. (And I also enjoy having an academic text confirm that yes, loving Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings is just and right. Deep down, we all just want affirmation and approval.) A lot of the time, when these two loves collide, it’s when a novel is adapted into a film—but occasionally it happens when an author’s life is reimagined by screenwriters. (And by “reimagine”, I of course mean “create fanfiction”. We’re all fanfic writers, maaaaaaan.) Hence today’s post, which highlights the last three authorial biopics I’ve seen. (I have seen Anonymous most recently, but… I’m not ready to talk about that. I may never be ready to talk about that.)
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