The Sunday Salon: Americus

During the course of the first age of Harry Potter (which would be roughly be Book Four to the final film being released next month), the book series quickly became a poster child for book banning. Where others saw an engaging story of good versus evil, others… okay, let’s be totally honest here—fundamentalist Christians saw the books as promoting witchcraft and drug use, and tried to ban the books. The most visible among them is Laura Mallory, whom Melissa Anelli interviewed for her book Harry, a History. Book banning has always been a problem, but the combination of the fervor and devotion of the Harry Potter generation and the fandom in general made it a particularly heated debate, especially since the content being objected to was a bit more abstract than the usual objections to violent, sexual, or queer content; as any fantasy fan or practicing Wiccan can tell you, the magic presented in the Harry Potter series is not related to any modern pagan practices. This sadly familiar situation makes up much of the foundation of Americus, a graphic novel scheduled for release in August that’s currently being serialized online.

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