Review: Parasite

Parasite by Mira Grant


It is no secret that zombies terrify me and I’m the kind of weenie who can barely stomach horror films. (It’s something about the tone, not the gore.) I mean, I’m really glad I watched Cabin in the Woods, because it’s a very useful text for me critically, but I also stayed up until 2 AM in the morning, serene in the knowledge that Pumpkinhead would inevitably jump out of the shadows and set my bed on fire. But, despite (or perhaps because of) my aversion, I find myself, once a year, embarking on an oblique horror binge by reading the Wikipedia entries for horror films and spooking myself silly. This year’s entry was the X-Files episode “Home.” After reading this review of it on, I found myself reading every summary of it I could find and even chanced a glimpse at some screencaps until I was starting getting reluctant to turn off the lights.

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The Literary Horizon: Fangland, Feed

Every week (well, Monday, let’s be honest), I do try and pair together two books for The Literary Horizon; not only is it snappy, it helps me track themes and motifs in my reading. But I was seriously considering switching this feature to a single book—which might still happen!—until I stumbled across one incredibly specific pairing. Let’s take a look at two novels that mix creatures of the night with the news media, shall we?

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