Review: Theft of Swords

Theft of Swords Michael J. Sullivan

I’m typing up this review on Iona, my trusty iPhone, as there is currently an Internet blackout at my parents’ house. (Equally unrelated to the bulk of this review—when did I cross over from calling it “my house” to “my parents’ house”? Is it pretentious?) Thus, images will be added when possible. (ETA: Done!) I am absolutely pathetic without the Internet. If the zombies manage to take it out during the zombie apocalypse, I will be the first to dip myself in barbecue sauce and throw myself to the ravenous hordes. In any case, today’s book caught my eye on NetGalley because it looked like fun. The fact that a handful of reviews (this is an Orbit reissue of a mostly self-published series) described it as “bromantic” certainly didn’t hurt.

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