Review: The Letter Q

The Letter Q edited by Sarah Moon

Obviously, it’s rather tempting to start off this review with a brief note to my younger self, mimicking the entire concept of The Letter Q, but you can’t fit a punch in the face in a letter, even a letter to the past. (Look, between a punch to the face and two years of Debate, I would have sprung for the punch in the face. It would have served the exact same function in my development.) I think I first heard of this collection via Malinda Lo, even though she’s not a contributor (EDIT: she is!), and I knew I wanted to read it—besides being a treasury of good advice, David Levithan, Gregory Maguire, and Erika Moen contributed pieces.

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The Literary Horizon: Mrs. Dallaway, The Hours

I often feel as though contemporary fiction gets the shaft here at The Literary Omnivore; while I do read it, it just rarely appeals to me as a setting—while I’ll pick up a book for being set in, say, pre-war China, I’ll rarely do the same for a more contemporary setting. So today we’re going to look at two contemporary (ish!) novels, both of which have something to do with a one Virginia Woolf.

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