Review: Castle Rackrent

Castle Rackrent by Maria Edgeworth

I was looking forward to Castle Rackrent as soon as I saw it on my syllabus for my Irish literature class. Maria Edgeworth’s Belinda has been on my list per Eva’s recommendation for quite some time, and it looked like an interesting novel to write a paper on. I was warned, however, that Castle Rackrent and Belinda are very different. When I opened up my copy on computer, I was taken aback, until I realized there was a lengthy introduction that was not by Maria Edgeworth. I was expecting a very long novel, rather than the short novel that fell into my hands. (Well, metaphorically speaking; it was a digital book.) The experience was… interesting.

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The Literary Horizon: Belinda, An Old-Fashioned Girl

Despite all the problems I have with the term “classics”, I am fond of the books that often fall under that tyrannical label. There’s (usually) a reason they’ve persisted in popular culture for so long, and they’re often a window into a time period and a style of writing that we just don’t have anymore. Also, they’re usually free eBooks, which is also an enormous consideration.

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