Challenge: Narnia Week, Day 6

Status Report:

  • Book: A severely used copy of the 2001 The Chronicles of Narnia omnibus by HarperCollins. The front cover curls up delightfully.
  • Books Read: 7/7
  • Pages Read: 767/767
  • Progress: 

And that’s Narnia Week, folks! I finished up The Horse and his Boy yesterday afternoon after class and promptly perused through its various TVTropes pages (kiss your productivity good-bye!). It was a mild and pleasant surprise. I’d never thought I would say this, but I’m all burnt out on fantasy at the moment, guys. I leaped into Narnia Week after finishing up a nostalgic reread of Firebirds–and there’s a reason my one rule (the, uh, other two fell to the wayside–I’m not a poet and sometimes you just gotta grab a book!) is that I can’t read the same genre twice in a row. This burnout is that very reason. Of course, I’ll bounce back fairly quickly–I am, after all, the girl who will continue to eat Shocktarts well past the point I’m just injuring myself. But I am looking forward for a refreshing and restoring dip in the nonfiction waters with David Grann’s The Lost City of Z.

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