Review: Benighted

Benighted by Kit Whitfield

So I loved Kit Whitfield’s In Great Waters. The characters, the world, the story… all of it was fantastic, and I have a fond memory of running errands while frantically wondering what was happening to Henry and Anne. As finals and summer descended, I decided it was time to visit Whitfield’s first novel, Benighted. In Great Waters was so deftly and well-handled that I was really looking forward to it. And then it took me three and a half weeks to get through the thing. Oh, not because of finals. Because I did not want to spend any time in this world with this protagonist.

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Booking Through Thursday: Anticipation

What’s the last book you were really EXCITED to read?

And, were you excited about it in advance? Or did the excitement bloom while you were reading it?

Are there any books you’re excited about right NOW?

It was definitely A Storm of Swords; you cannot imagine the self-control it’s taking me not to just tear through A Feast for Crows and A Dance of Dragons right now. I’m usually excited beforehand; I think In Great Waters was the last book where I got to the point where I wanted to read it when I wasn’t reading it.

At the moment, I’m excited to start on The Silmarillion today—I finished Hard Times last night—and Kushiel’s Dart, because my hold on it came in yesterday and only the library at home has a copy of it. Also, I love and adore Jacqueline Carey.

Review: In Great Waters

In Great Waters by Kit Whitfield

I have to be honest, I didn’t hold out much hope for In Great Waters. While the premise was interesting enough that it got onto my reading list, I dragged my feet about adding it. The cover certainly didn’t help—it puts me in mind of generic teen supernatural fiction, rather than a historical novel with mermaids. Still, when I got home, I put it on hold for arbitrary reasons I no longer remember, and I thought it might be a nice palette cleanser between Fans, Bloggers, and Gamers and picking up The Hero with a Thousand Faces again. And then it blew me away.

I love it when that happens.

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