BBAW 2010: Forgotten Treasure

Today’s prompt for Book Blogger Appreciation Week wants us to talk about a book that, for whatever reasons, fell through the cracks, but deserves all the promotion it can get. This is the one I was really looking forward to; I love seeing people get passionate about obscure books and spreading the love. I spent some time trying to decide which book to promote, but when I checked Fyrefly’s Book Blogger Search Engine (the most useful tool for a book blogger I know of) and found that my review was apparently the only review of this book found on the search engine, I knew that today I had to talk and rave about Katharine Weber’s True Confections.

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Review: True Confections

True Confections by Katharine Weber

I have a fondness for heroines named Alice. One of my middle names (the one that I admit to having most of the time) starts with Alix, a medieval French variant of Alice. It’s one of the few names I could actually see myself having other than Clare, and one of my favorite names. (Ironically, I’ve never actually read Alice in Wonderland). However, I had no idea that the narrator of True Confections was an Alice, although it certainly endeared her to me. Just the combination of a twisted family history with candy was enough to make me pick it up.

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