The Sunday Salon: Chapters of Dublin

This will be my last post about my adventures in Ireland. Across from our hotel in Dublin was Chapters, a bookstore I had actually already heard about from those who had previously gone on the Ireland trip in glowing terms. While I didn’t have a chance to go during our first days in Dublin, I managed to hit it up—twice—during our final weekend in Dublin. And let me tell you, I could spend hours in there.

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Review: Passion

Passion by Jude Morgan

Passion went on my reading list entirely due to Ana’s luminous review in September—an exploration of the female Romantics in a way that recognizes their agency and their unfair situations sounded amazing. But I had a bit of difficulty trying to get my hands on a copy while at school—the library in town didn’t have it and neither did my school library (which sometimes saves the day, but not here.) But my library at home had it, so I picked it up at the end of my winter holidays.

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