Review: Misreading Jane Eyre

Misreading Jane Eyre by Jerome Beaty

Well, the bulk of my primary reading for my senior thesis is done—as much as I’d love to read Death of a School Girl and Ironskin for this project, I do have to eventually start writing the damned thing. This, of course, only means that the secondary reading needs to get done. While I’ll be using Textual Poachers and The Bronte Myth in my paper to discuss the practice of fanfiction and the modern mythology surrounding the Brontes, I need some theory (specifically reader-response theory, because I’m of the firm mind that fanfiction is the ultimate reader response) to smooth out the corners. Hence, Misreading Jane Eyre, which I knew about in the spring but stupidly didn’t read over the summer.

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Booking Through Thursday: Quick!

Quick–what are you reading right now? (Other than this question on this website, of course.) Would you recommend it? What’s it about?

Luckily I’m a literature student, or this would be a very quick answer indeed.

At the moment, I’m reading Virginia Woolf’s Orlando for pleasure. I’m only a hundred or so pages in and I am enjoying it, but I’m also waiting for Orlando to switch sexes. (I’ve seen the film version with Tilda Swinton, which was… interesting, but I never got it together enough to actually review it for the blog.) For class, I’m reading Iola Leroy, one of the first novels published by an African-American woman, and I do need to start on Beloved Sisters and Loving Friends, a collection of letters between two American women of color in the 1800s, for my history class. I also need to read Misreading Jane Eyre for my senior thesis, which I’m going to do this weekend.  An Old-Fashioned Girl is on the backburner somewhere, but I’ll probably try to finish it when I have a chance, since I’m starting to crave some Sherlock Holmes—I suppose it’s the weather. (Although it turned out quite hot yesterday, which I didn’t appreciate, as I had to walk down to the local music store to fetch a preorder.) I’ve just put the audiobook of Watership Down on hold at the library, so hopefully, that’ll be coming in soon.