Page to Screen: Once Upon a Time — Season One (2011)

Once Upon a Time: Season One
based on various fairy tales

It’s really amazing that I didn’t pick up Once Upon a Time as soon as it started airing, given my status as a Disney freak and a general sucker for women with swords. But I didn’t realize ABC was exploiting its Disney connection to the hilt until I heard Jamie Chung had been cast as Mulan and then, after spending time with my friend Anna from high school who loves the show, I decided it was time to catch up for the second season. Which translated into binging the first season in a single weekend while cackling, screaming, and, yes, crying.

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Page to Screen: Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Beauty and the Beast
based on “Beauty and the Beast” by Jean Marie Le Prince de Beaumont

It’s time. I’ve made more than enough bitter, obscure remarks about how I don’t like Beauty and the Beast—it’s time to tell you why. To be totally fair, saying I don’t like a Disney movie is like saying I don’t like a particular flavor of frozen yogurt—I still love frozen yogurt. But it still boggles my mind that Beauty and the Beast was nominated for Best Picture back when that actually meant something. Compared to other animated films, especially the films of latter half of the Disney Renaissance like The Lion King and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, it’s… lacking. And I suppose people assuming my favorite Disney princess is Belle because we’re both French bibliophiles puts a damper on things. In the interests of fairness, I watched Beauty and the Beast one more time to give it a chance to explain itself.

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Release: Cautionary Tales

Cautionary Tales
edited by Clare McBride

Cautionary Tales collects the original folk tales behind the Disney animated features in their most enduring forms, from Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid” (adapted in 1989) to Charles Perrault’s “Cinderella” (adapted in 1950) to the Brothers Grimm’s rendition of “Rapunzel” (adapted in 2010 into Tangled). Each folk tale has a particular message, whether it’s a gentle jab at gender relations in “The Ballad of Mulan” or teaching young girls how to cope with arranged marriages in “Beauty and the Beast”—in the end, they’re all cautionary tales.

…Yeah, I thought the Dragon*Con anthology was going to be my first anthology. Go figure! This idea grabbed me in February and wouldn’t let go, leaving me to spend a couple of weeks compiling and then learning how to create ebooks. It’s certainly been a learning experience! I’m actually really glad that this is my first digital anthology; it means the Dragon*Con anthology will be a lot easier to put together. Since tomorrow is my birthday, this is my birthday gift to you—I hope you like it!