Review: Wildthorn

Wildthorn by Jane Eagland

Wildthorn has been on my reading list for a while; given my love for Sarah Waters’ “Victorian Women in Love” trilogy (not, obviously, the loose trilogy’s actual title), seeking out more titles about queer women in Victorian England is just natural. So when I discovered that there was a young adult title that covered similar ground, I was quite pleased. I’ve actually rented this book before and simply not gotten around to it; luckily, it’s at my local library, rather than needing to be requested, so that’s a definite help. So, needing something quick before Thanksgiving, I finally managed to read the thing.

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The Literary Horizon: Affinity, Wildthorn

Victorian novels about queer women turn up on my reading list a lot, insofar as any particular pattern can turn up on a reading list pushing five hundred books. All of this is, of course, due to Sarah Waters, whose Fingersmith and Tipping the Velvet are just wonderful. Naturally, the first of today’s selection is the second of her three Victorian novels, and the second strongly reminds me of Fingersmith. Allons-y!

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