Review: The Soul of Anime

The Soul of Anime by Ian Condry


While I’ve more or less reinvented myself as a daughter of Western fandom (which usually means yelling “SEPTEMBER 1974 WOO!” a lot), I was introduced to fandom through anime—Digimon, to be specific, although it was Yu-Gi-Oh!, with its use of ancient Egypt, that captured my imagination as a young wombat. As preteens in the early aughts, my friends and I were witness to and participants of the rise of the popularity of manga in the United States. But I drifted away from it as I grew up, and, for better or worse, I think I have a tendency to keep away from it precisely because I associate it with my child self. So when I saw The Soul of Anime on NetGallery, I thought it was high time to get back in touch through an academic lens.

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