The Sunday Salon: 2012 in Review

It’s the last Sunday of the year, so you know what that means. Either I’m getting stingier or this year hasn’t been the best reading year for me—while last year’s year in review post was agonizing to curate, I did this year’s in a few hours. Hopefully, 2013 will ring in a higher batting average for my reading. But it’s not that I haven’t enjoyed my reading this year; I definitely have, especially my nonfiction reading—I mean, I discovered Tom Wolfe this year, so that is a definite plus. As ever, this list is culled from what I read in 2012, not what was released in 2012 (although I read more recent titles this year than in past years).
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Review: The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock & Roll

The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock & Roll edited by Anthony DeCurtis and James Henke with Holly George-Warren

I have always had a camp—some might say hideous—taste in music; I’m only half-joking when I mock Jedward (look, their cover of “Ice Ice Baby” is actually a lot of fun!), I often prefer covers to originals, and the more over-produced something is, the more starry-eyed I get. My only excuses are that I am not a musically inclined person and that I was reared on ABBA. So when I decided to hurl myself into the depths of the best cheesy rock the ‘80s had to offer after seeing Rock of Ages (twice!), I realized that I knew absolutely nothing about rock music. But there’s no excuse when you’ve got the Internet and libraries at your fingertips, hence today’s title.

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