Page to Screen: Edge of Tomorrow (2014)


Edge of Tomorrow
based on
All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka


I haven’t seen Pacific Rim since I saw it for the first time last summer on its opening weekend. I fully intend to watch it again—I adore it so!—but my viewing experience was just so perfect: the magic of seeing a film in the afternoon in the summer, being so unspoiled that I spent much of the film soundlessly cursing to myself in delighted surprise, and watching it with a full, appreciative house. Pacific Rim is not a perfect film, but, that afternoon, I saw the future of summer blockbusters. So my next viewing has a lot to live up to.

As do all summer blockbusters. I wasn’t originally going to see Edge of Tomorrow, but my vague curiosity about the unique concept was piqued further when it received a favorable review from Empire. Despite both Christian Bale and my friend Natalya having pointed out that Tom Cruise is dead in the eyes, I remain, nonetheless, rather fond of him, even if he did instigate all those changes in Rock of Ages. Plus, Empire’s Helen O’Hara fawned over just how cool Emily Blunt’s character was… and this is the first time Hollywood has adapted a light novel into a film… oh, alright, fine, universe, I’ll use it as an excuse to throw money at cute historical theaters.

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