Review: Soulbound

The Legacy of Tril: Soulbound by Heather Brewer


The art of worldbuilding can be difficult to master. Speculative fiction authors can tend towards bloat in this department, so that’s where the bulk of our cautionary tales lie. The term Worldbuilder’s Disease, after all, does not refer to a lack. But we never really talk about what happens when there’s too little worldbuilding. The purpose of worldbuilding is for the reader to find their feet in the narrative and situate themselves in the world. Good worldbuilding should be like an efficient travel book: there should be just enough to get by, with other materials available if needed or wanted. Too much worldbuilding overprepares and distracts the reader. But give the same reader too little worldbuilding, and the illusion that the reader is engaging with a living, breathing alternate world never gets off the ground.

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