Review: The Confederate War

The Confederate War by Gary W. Gallagher


I don’t have the best grasp of history. I can hum a few bars from the twentieth century, of course, but go further back than that, and certain events are just dim lights in the darkness. Obviously, I’m not a historian and the subject is kind of, well, large, but I remain thankful that I live in the age of Wikipedia. This doesn’t fix all ills, but it definitely helps. So, given my poor grasp on the American Civil War, I was actually looking forward to sitting down with this book for class and getting a timeline on the damn thing. Unfortunately, that’s not what this book offers at all.

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Review: Soul by Soul

Soul by Soul by Walter Johnson


I had a not great experience with my last history class here at Agnes, but since I could no longer take any more English courses (“OH MY GOD, WE GET IT, YOU LIKE BOOKS”, the requirements seemed to say), history seemed my best bet. And I wanted to give the discipline another go before I left. Thus, “Old South, New South, No South”, a class about the history of the South. (We even have a blog!) My path after college will, ideally, take me outside the South, and I felt such a course would give me a grounding to respond to stupid questions about the South with withering authority. The course so far has spent two weeks on slavery, with our major reading being this book.

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