Review: Breakfast on Pluto

Breakfast on Pluto
by Patrick McCabe



Warning: This review is particularly full of spoilers, since I compare it against the film version and I didn’t like the ending.

I saw the film version of Breakfast on Pluto a while back, and I absolutely adored the character of Patrick “Kitten” Braden–a romantic and decidedly unserious transwoman who just wants a stable and loving home. Of course, Kitten’s problem is that she’s trans, Irish, and living in the 1970s, during Ireland’s Troubles. I loved the film. It was funny, moving, and wonderfully hopeful at the end.

I decided I had to read the book, of course, since I committed the sin of watching the film first. I knew of the largest change–Kitten is called Pussy in the book–but I didn’t realize just how different the two are. Patrick McCabe adapted it for the screen, so I feel I can compare the two without assuming the film already has a strike against it.

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