Review: Editors on Editing

Editors on Editing edited by Gerry Gross


As part of my homework for what I like to think of as publishing camp, I was assigned three books to read—I’ve already read and reviewed The Elements of Style, and I need to pick up a copy of the latest edition of The Chicago Manual of Style. Luckily, I recently earned a Barnes & Noble gift card for my collegiate years of service to the theater, and I’ve been measuring adulthood lately by being cheap and practical. (“Adults,” I tell myself, “buy pens in the giant packs of twenty.”) I was only assigned excerpts out of Editors on Editing, but I just can’t do sampling. I have to take the whole thing out for a test drive.

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Review: The Rose of Martinique

The Rose of Martinique by Andrea Stuart

Prior to picking up The Rose of Martinique, I had never read a biography before. Like a great deal of nonfiction, it had just never appealed to me, but that was prior before I took on the mantle of The Literary Omnivore–now I take on books I’m ambivalent about to ferret out the good and make cautionary tales out of the bad! It was one of the first book recommendations I picked up when making my reading list from Nancy Pearl’s Book Lust, and when I needed something a bit more elevated to wash out the bad taste of Sisters Red, The Rose of Martinique was there for me at my local library.

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