Review: Gotham Central — In the Line of Duty

Gotham Central: In the Line of Duty by Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka with Michael Lark


The first I’d ever read about how civilians might react to superheroes in a non-positive way was reading about Marvel’s Damage Control. The series (composed of four limited series) follows Damage Control, a construction company skilled in cleaning up the property damage left behind by all those superheroics. I was paging through my brother’s copy of Les Daniels’ Marvel at the time, and I was blown away by the idea that there might be consequences for those actions. (I was, like, seven.) I never picked up Damage Control, but Gotham Central appealed to me on the same basis: superheroes can make life tough for people just trying to do their job.

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Review: Batwoman — Elegy

Batwoman: Elegy by Greg Rucka and J. H. Williams III

I believe it was TJ at the now defunct Dreams and Speculation who introduced me to the current Batwoman, Kate Kane. (On a side note, I really miss TJ.) I remember the media attention concerning her status as a particularly high-profile queer character in DC; DC was pushing it heavily, considering their track record with diversity (although it’s not like Marvel really does much better). As I watch a lot of my favorite characters get shafted by the reboot, I thought it might be high time to investigate a character who seems untouched by all that madness. Also, I stumbled across a copy at the library.

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