Review: The Best American Essays 2012

The Best American Essays edited by David Brooks


Have you guys heard of Longreads? If you haven’t, it’s a website that aggregates the “best” (I use quotation marks to denote the subjectivity of this claim, not to be sarcastic) long-form stories on the Internet. While they do highlight fiction, I’m much more interested in the nonfiction essays. Between Longreads and Autostraddle’s fantastic feature “Things I Read That I Love”, I’ve come to love and adore the essay over the past year, so it was really a no-brainer to pick up The Best American Essays 2012 when I saw it on the new shelf at my home library. I usually don’t pick up collections like this, but I thought it would be a nice thing to peruse over the holidays.

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The Literary Horizon: Understanding Comics, Reading Like a Writer

At the moment, I’m taking a film class—and it counts towards my English Literature major! Ha! But I think I would have taken it even if it didn’t. While I’ve absorbed enough about film to talk about them, I’ve never actually been taught the basics of analyzing film. I think of it as a toolkit that I’ve been collecting haphazardly over the years, except now I’m getting a whole one and I know what each thing does. Today’s selections from my list do the same thing—providing a toolkit for certain mediums.

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

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