At The Movies: Monty Python Live (Mostly) (2014)


Monty Python Live (Mostly)


2014 • 180 minutes • Fathom Events

I have been extremely appreciative of the recent trend of screening plays and other theatrical performances in movie theaters. After spending much of high school tearing my hair and rending my garments at the fact that I was missing specific casts in specific shows and had no access to the Paley Center, I’m delighted to see theater being made more accessible. (I have since left musical fandom, because I lack superhuman powers of media consumption, no matter how much.) Now, events that previously would have me gnashing my teeth in despair—like that time I missed Eddie Izzard in Atlanta—are actually within my reach.

Events like Monty Python Live (Mostly), tickets for which sold out in under a minute. Before undertaking the road trip we are currently on, my roommate and I were delighted to realize that we had an opportunity to watch the legendary comedy troupe reunite for the first time in thirty years and, according to them, for the last time. (We’ll have one in Yonkers, of course, but we’re waiting for the one in Brooklyn to open.) We purchased our tickets, worked our itinerary around it, and were thrilled to be in a theater full of fellow Python fans. She’d recently, in the past few years, started looking into Monty Python’s Flying Circus in-depth; I had warm fuzzy memories of recording episodes off of BBC America, watching Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl, and overidentifying with Eric Idle during my preteen years.

But despite our disparate approaches, we both ended the evening frustrated and disappointed. When we overheard another filmgoer sigh in utter contentment, we fled as soon as we could.

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