Review: Beloved Sisters and Loving Friends

Beloved Sisters and Loving Friends by Farah Jasmine Griffin

So my history class (A Multicultural History of American Women, a title I will never forget) is… interesting. On the one hand, I’m never at my best at 2 PM; one of my professors cheerfully informed me that the human body naturally wants to take a nap then, just as I was walking to said history class. On the other hand, all the reading is very interesting. Most of our readings come straight out of our textbook, Women’s America, so I was very excited to pick up the first of our actual texts of the semester, Beloved Sisters and Loving Friends. I mean, a collection of letters written by two free women of color in the 1800s in America? Sign me up, son! But, unfortunately, as I began to actually read the thing, my enthusiasm flagged…

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Booking Through Thursday: Quick!

Quick–what are you reading right now? (Other than this question on this website, of course.) Would you recommend it? What’s it about?

Luckily I’m a literature student, or this would be a very quick answer indeed.

At the moment, I’m reading Virginia Woolf’s Orlando for pleasure. I’m only a hundred or so pages in and I am enjoying it, but I’m also waiting for Orlando to switch sexes. (I’ve seen the film version with Tilda Swinton, which was… interesting, but I never got it together enough to actually review it for the blog.) For class, I’m reading Iola Leroy, one of the first novels published by an African-American woman, and I do need to start on Beloved Sisters and Loving Friends, a collection of letters between two American women of color in the 1800s, for my history class. I also need to read Misreading Jane Eyre for my senior thesis, which I’m going to do this weekend.  An Old-Fashioned Girl is on the backburner somewhere, but I’ll probably try to finish it when I have a chance, since I’m starting to crave some Sherlock Holmes—I suppose it’s the weather. (Although it turned out quite hot yesterday, which I didn’t appreciate, as I had to walk down to the local music store to fetch a preorder.) I’ve just put the audiobook of Watership Down on hold at the library, so hopefully, that’ll be coming in soon.