Review: The Supergirls

The Supergirls by Mike Madrid


A few years ago, I bought a LEGO Wonder Woman keychain to keep me flying true. I have a lot of little totems like that—my hot pink skull snowglobe is a pretty fabulous memento mori, while the “don’t panic” fortune I keep in my wallet has stopped me from panicking on many an occasion (including the theft and subsequent return of said wallet). My little plastic Wonder Woman is a perfect storm of reminders; that I, too, come from several strong communities of women, from my mother to fandom to my alma mater, that I’m a fan through and through, and that the best version of myself is just as strong, compassionate, and hard femme as Diana of Themyscira. As I go through my day, she’s a comforting, vague notion in the palm of my hand, even if I slip my keys through my fingers on my way home.

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