Review: A Tailor-Made Bride

A Tailor-Made Bride by Karen Witemeyer

I don’t read a lot of romance. I tend to prefer my romances as subplots to a greater story; they seem more organic that way, and tend to avoid the cripplingly annoying heteronormativity that seems to place itself about shin height every time I open a book that markets itself as mainly romance. (Not that I don’t run into it in other places.) But I do appreciate the light, fluffy, and honest quality of a lot of material marketed as such; it’s comforting to know that your leads will end up together in a story that won’t challenge your view of the universe. (Which is why the heteronormativity bugs so much; my view of the universe involves telling it to kindly go die in a fire.) A Tailor-Made Bride sounded cute, and then it was free on Amazon.

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