The Sunday Salon: The 41st Agnes Scott Writers’ Festival

Every March, my frankly awesome institution hosts a Writers’ Festival, boasting three writers (one of whom is usually an alumna), three readings, three workshops (for finalists who made it into the magazine), and one question and answer session. The invited writers this year were writer Benjamin Percy, poet Joy Harjo, and playwright Jacqueline Goldfinger, who graduated from Agnes Scott in 2000. This year, I was a bit more involved than wandering into events; I was a volunteer, which especially meant carrying luggage and trying to find our guests to get them from Point A to Point B. It was nice, but it does complicate this year’s post, as I went to so many events that I didn’t know which one to cover for the blog! But I think Thursday’s question and answer session will give you a good overview of the Festival as a whole.

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Review: Refresh, Refresh

Refresh, Refresh by Benjamin Percy

I’ll be honest—I had never heard of Benjamin Percy until I was assigned this book to read for my Intro to Creative Writing class. I don’t read a lot of short stories, as I’ve mentioned, and the sort of traditionally masculine themes the back cover promised me Refresh, Refresh explored are usually of little interest to me. But I believe anything can be well-written, and, after realizing I had been assigned the whole collection, I powered through it on a Saturday afternoon. It left me feeling… unsettled.

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