Review: My Ideal Bookshelf

My Ideal Bookshelf by Jane Mount and Thessaly La Force


Every bibliophile knows the surreptitious joy of peeking at other people’s well-curated bookshelves. (Curation is important: haphazard piles of dusty books make me sad, unless I’m a potential buyer.) The books that are so important to you they stay with you move after move, culling after culling… those are the ones you can count the rings on your soul with. This is exactly what artist Jane Mount was tapping into when she started the Ideal Bookshelf Project in 2007, painting people’s idealized bookshelves. The spectacularly named Thessaly La Force joined forces with her and added interviews to Mount’s pieces, resulting in My Ideal Bookshelf.

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Review: Understanding Comics

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

As a fairly recent comic book fan and general casual reader of comics, I’ve been struggling a bit with articulating my responses to them. It’s the same problem I was having with film at the beginning of the year; I simply don’t have the tools to properly critique and analyze the form, being a child of literature. But there’s a simple solution. For film, I was lucky enough to be able to take a class—for comics, the general consensus is to read Scott McCloud. After reading The Influencing Machine, I made a vow (…well, an off-hand comment) to read Understanding Comics before taking on any more of the medium, and so here we are.

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Review: Typography for Lawyers

Typography for Lawyers by Matthew Butterick

Last September, I came across the eminently useful website, Typography for Lawyers. As a college student who fled screaming from the Political Science department into the English department (possibly the best decision I’ve ever made), I completely got it and I often use it as a reference. Well, used to use it—and that’s not because I’ve abandoned the website Typography for Lawyers, but because I’ve switched to the book Typography for Lawyers.

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