The Week in Review: April 24th, 2016

Farmer's Market: Dinosaur Cookie

Yesterday truly felt like the first day of spring. I got up early enough to go out into the world and everybody I interacted with was cheerful! And happy! The weather was beautiful! I ate my favorite sandwich in the world! I went to go see The Huntsman: Winter’s War! It was perfectly serviceable! Solid, solid day.

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The Week in Review: April 10th, 2016

H&M: Necklace Display//

I went to go see Batman V. Superman: Grimdark Grimdark Grimdark for my birthday yesterday, because I am nothing if not a lover of schadenfreude. I’ll talk more about it tomorrow, but I just need to tell you it was so grim and nihilistic and cruel that I had to go home and watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens just to remind myself what joy and emotional impact in cinema were.

I wrote a history of Star Wars slash and, specifically, Han/Luke for Lady Business! Who wants to learn about how Lucasfilm actually approved the first Star Wars slash fic?

I shared my favorite media of March over at Lady Business with my fellow editors.

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The Week in Review: March 13th, 2016

Black Series: Poe Dameron

I didn’t know Poe Dameron was played by Peter Lorre. I literally looked up from a remarkably charming itty bitty Luke action figure, whose face sculpt and paint were very on point, to see this, uh, interesting take on Poe.

Lady Business celebrated its fifth birthday this week! To celebrate, we’re giving away five books selected by our editors—check it out here! It’ll be open until March 22nd.

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The Week in Review: February 21st, 2016

Itty Bittys: Star Trek

That little dude isn’t grumpy or tired or sassy enough to be McCoy. Refund, please.

Remember that Star Wars costume exhibit I went to last weekend? I wrote a thing about it for Lady Business!

Renay and I also continue our adventures in Xena with “Death Mask.”

Hey! Strange Horizons is currently accepting submissions for “Our Queer Planet,” “a month-long celebration of queer SF from around the world.” Show us what you got! (No, seriously, I’m a first reader, I will be seeing what you got.)

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