The Week in Review: April 3rd, 2016

Atlanta: Skyline

Renay and I make it to the second season of Xena in our Adventures in Xena with “Orphan of War.”


Come May, Walgreens will sell a Wonder Woman-themed beauty collection. I’ll need several Strawberry Empower-mint lip balms, please.

I’m familiar with how, during World War II, women were valorized for taking on masculine roles but punished once the “real men” returned to civilian life, but I had no idea there was a similar thing happening with gay men—accepted during wartime, rejected during peacetime.

The LEGO Batman Movie teasers continue with a beautiful gag about Bruce’s parents. Slapstick is so beautiful.

Cosplayer Ms. Victory made a fantastic lady Finn, and then John Boyega retweeted his approval, causing us all to melt down.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has vetoed the Free Exercise Protection Act—an act which would have allowed a liberal definition of faith-based organizations to deny services to LGBTQ people—presumably due to financial pressure by Disney and Marvel. Damn straight.

Anne Helen Petersen on Ben Affleck’s star image and self-conscious discomfort with class. This is a knockout.

In the wake of Thomas Sayers Ellis’ quiet removal from the Iowa Writers Workshop, Jia Tolentino wonders, “Is This the End of the Era of the Important, Inappropriate Literary Man?

Rob Bricken begins his “Batman V Superman: Spoiler FAQ of Justice” by christening the DCCU “Zack Snyder’s DC Cinematic Murderverse.” It only gets better from there.

MAC Cosmetics will be celebrating Star Trek’s fiftieth anniversary with a Star Trek collection next September, so I will have no money next September.

Oscar Isaac has joined Annihilation, playing Natalie Portman’s character’s husband, whose fate she is trying to divine.

There are two actual petitions to remove Zack Snyder from the DC Cinematic Murderverse. I love the Internet.

Everything about the upcoming film God Particle—now starring David Oyelowo and Gugu Mbatha-Raw—sounds amazing.

Zack Snyder really needs to stop using the word “fun” when he’s talking about brutally murdering teen sidekicks in his films.

One of the latest trends in Silicon Valley? Intermittent fasting. I’m fascinated, because this also kind of reminds me of Nellie Bowles’ point about how Silicon Valley food innovation is largely just making feminine-coded products appealing to male audiences.

Maisie Williams has been cast as Wolfsbane in the New Mutants movie, a film on which I feel like Jay and Miles should be consultants.

At The Guardian, the history of Ugg boots and their everlasting appeal.

The 2015 James Tiptree, Jr. Awards have been announced!

At The Daily Beast, Arthur Chu tackles Daredevil’s second season and its atrocious Asian-American representation.

This lovely article on two recent conferences aimed at the Japanese-American queer community is a nice look into a community created after the queer community at hand proved too homogenous and how Japanese-Americans might take to queer rights a little more readily than others.


Purchased: None
Added: Help Us, Great Warrior! by Madeline Flores (via tumblr),

Purchased: None
Added: God Particle (see above)

4 thoughts on “The Week in Review: April 3rd, 2016

  1. That Ben Affleck article was so g.d. good. She always does this, but Anne Helen Peterson again made such amazingly great points and was so thoughtful and interesting about the way narratives are constructed.

    Hadn’t heard of The God Particle but I love it. Is Gugu Mbathu-Raw’s star finally on the rise in the way that I want for her? I think she is sooooo beautiful and talented, I want her to be in everything and win 1000 Oscars and wear dresses on red carpets.

    • SHE IS THE BEST. I know some people are a little discomfited that she’s tackling active celebrities (instead of dead ones), but that makes her work all the more valuable.

      SHE IS A STAR. I think she was being considered for a Star Wars role at one point, and I was like “so she’s QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE?” because she’s so great.

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