Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Burnout

Book-blogger-1-768x768Book Blogger Appreciation Week is back, friends! Ana, Jenny, Heather, and Andi have taken over the reigns from Amy, who had to stop organizing the event in 2012 because it takes so much work. A lot has changed in both my blogging life and my life… life in the last four (!) years, so I’m excited to participate this year.

Today’s prompt is:

One of the unfortunate side effects of reading and blogging like rockstars seems to be a tendency toward burnout. How do you keep things fresh on your blog and in your reading?

When it comes to my reading, I’ve always had a rule where I can’t read the same genre twice in a row, which has turned out to be a remarkably solid foundation for my reading. I’ve never really had a point in my life where I just didn’t feel motivated to pick up a book, really.

But as for blogging… my main advice? Do it for you.

As I mentioned yesterday, I find procedure and structure really soothing. And I always get such a rush when I figure out a new routine. But, if I’m not careful, I can lock myself into that procedure or routine even if it no longer works.

Case in point: there was a point when I was posting three book reviews a week, while I was in college and had the time to do so. (Plus, I was reading books for class, which I also reviewed, so I was basically reading in every aspect of my life.) There came a time when I realized that this wasn’t sustainable, and then, a little later, I realized that I could just… change it. I was in charge of my book blog. It can be whatever I want.

So I changed it. And I started reviewing movies, too, and some television, because that started to make sense to me.

At the end of the day, book blogging—or movie blogging or whatever kind of blogging you’re up to—is whatever you make of it. If it becomes a burden or obligation, then you’re just going to burn out faster and start dreading it. And that’s probably not the reason you started blogging in the first place, right?

So have fun and do it for you—don’t blog a certain way because you think that’s how it has to be or someone told you to.

8 thoughts on “Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Burnout

  1. “Do it for you” seems to me to be the most important piece of advice for avoiding burnout. Looking through yesterday’s posts, I saw lots of ideas that absolutely wouldn’t work for me but would actually add to the stress. For example, blogging about other things might be interesting for a while, but not in the long term because, for me, focusing on books gives me helpful parameters to operate within. I like never having to think about what I’m going to write about. But variety works for others, and that’s great, too! We all have to find what works for us, and sometimes that means not following the conventional wisdom.

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