The Week in Review: February 8th, 2015

New York Public Library: The Lion in Winter

I was over at lady business earlier this week, beginning an epic watch-through of Xena: Warrior Princess with the fantastic Renay.


This is the only Super Bowl commercial I recognize and I have been watching it on the constant this past week. (My favorite part might be the always lovely Vanessa Bayer doing an equally lovely job but getting blocked out by Seth Meyers because he is too tall.)

The Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special is going to be bonkers, with this list of confirmed guests from cast and hosts past and present. I am so excited I am vibrating. TIME FOR A LINK LIST!

  • Glamour gathered together seventeen of the ladies of Saturday Night Live for a photoshoot and three wonderful videos. Sasheer Zamata calling out Vanessa Bayer for writing sketches where she gets to make out with the host is everything, especially since Zamata is wearing a remarkably casual tiara. (Also, Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant are besties and that’s amazing.)
  • The Hollywood Reporter pairs off cast members old and new in fantastic configurations. Molly Shannon and Andy Samberg share an infinity scarf. It’s pretty magical.
  • Gotham asks the current cast to interview each other.

David Oyelowo talks race in Hollywood.

Simon Kinberg is teasing that Dazzler might be a possibility for X-Men: Age of Apocalypse. Yes and please and is this why you didn’t cast Lupita Nyong’o as baby Storm, so she could be Dazzler? I HEARTILY APPROVE.

This video about how dogs “see” with their noses introduces a very interesting concept about how dogs understand time.

Cartoonist Hat talks about the necessity of queer visibility in media.

SheStock is a stock photography service for women and by women that aims to provide more diverse stock photography featuring ladies. What a fantastic idea!

To celebrate Black History Month, artist Chris Schweizer has illustrated several black historical figures. It’s great art and they’re pulled from all across history.

Davey Shlasko at Feministing talks about the use of “they” as a pronoun and the last time a pronoun changed the world—when we stopped using “thee.”

Marvel’s Secret Wars 2099 features reinterpreted versions of the Avengers, including a ripped Lady Cap and an Iron Man with dwarfism. Awesome.

Felicity Jones is starring in Gareth Edwards’ Star Wars film. Yes. Good.

At Uncanny Magazine, Erica McGillivray talks about the history of conventions, female fans, and cosplay.

Artist Jessica Hische talks about inspiration versus imitation. She makes a particularly cogent point about not having to put everything you create online, because some work is practice and some work is not. That applies mostly towards art, but I think it’s useful for writers as well.

Aurin Squire reminds us that Martin Luther King, Jr.’s mother was also assassinated.

Shout! Factory just launched its own streaming service, which boasts Mystery Science Theater 3000 and The Ernie Kovacs Show, so don’t expect to see me outside. (That is a joke, because I don’t go outside.)

DC Comics has announced a new lineup of comics and creative teams to coincide with Convergence, which kind of sounds like they’re trying to awkwardly retcon the new 52. The announcements includes a new Black Canary, featuring Dinah on the vocals of an all-girl band and Annie Wu on art with Irene Koh, Starfire getting a title that won’t make little girls uncomfortable, and Gene Luen Yang writing Superman. Judgment reserved with DC, as always, but this does sound promising.

Laverne Cox will guest on The Mindy Project! YES!

At Gizmodo, Matt Novak talks about shaming the anti-vaccine movement. I’m fascinated by the use of shame as a social tool, and Novak touches on how it’s different than humiliation.

As I’ll talk about tomorrow, Jupiter Ascending is a gorgeous and sleepy hot mess, but lead designer on the film George Hull talked with io9 about his design process. It’s really interesting, especially how he tried to keep a unique visual style going for things like mechs, which tend to look more or less the same.

Netflix might be making a The Legend of Zelda series to compete with Game of Thrones. The idea of this happening is simply too much for me to absorb, especially if they start with the iconic Ocarina of Time, because it is TEEMING WITH IMPORTANT LADIES. I’ll start a spec script immediately.

Marvel has announced A-Force, an all-lady Avengers team, featuring She-Hulk, Dazzler, and I stopped reading after those two names because those are my two favorite Marvel ladies. It will also feature Singularity, a new hero, and several people are speculating slash hoping that she may be trans. I am so ready for this.


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Added: Bunny Bunny by Alan Zweibel (via tumblr)

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2 thoughts on “The Week in Review: February 8th, 2015

  1. I have NOT seen Jupiter Ascending but I WILL SOON. It looks marvelous. When it and Seventh Son come out on DVD, me and my sister and brother-in-law are going to get some tequila and rent those DVDs and have a double feature. I anticipate that it will be magic.

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