The Week in Review: August 3rd, 2014

Denver: Anthony's Pizza


Catch you later, Denver.


Given the state of DC right now, seeing these three amazing cosplayers as Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn makes me so happy I could cry. It’s so pitch perfect, especially that Harley with that smirk. Fantastic work!

I could do a frame by frame of this, but bringing back Billy Boyd’s haunting rendition of the Walking Song? I’m torn between calling it a shameless play to my emotions and weeping an ocean.

Here’s a list of Marvel’s leading ladies and their comics (often their very own titles!) available right now at your local comic book store.

Leo Babauta reminds us that what disappoints us often in life is the conflict between our fantasies of how life will go and the reality of it.

This personal essay about writing slash as a way to write yourself back into your own body is as fascinating and fresh as it was twelve years ago.

We Need Diverse Books just incorporated as a non-profit organization! Woohoo!

The always flawless Gavia Baker-Whitelaw interviews Catherine George, the costume designer of Snowpiercer. It’s a great piece, and I also learned that Chris Evans is so ripped that everything underneath the jacket layer was sleeveless so that he looked remotely human.

All those jokes about Peter Capaldi storming into the BBC and wrenching Doctor Who out of Steven Moffat’s mansplaining hands seem pretty dead-on right now, per the latest round of interviews about the upcoming new series. There won’t be any flirting, his Doctor will be weird and alien, and Moffat didn’t have a say in the costume. (I imagine Capaldi just stared Moffat out of the room.)

Dragonriders of Pern is Warner Brothers’ next great hope at a long-running fantasy franchise. And at twenty-two books… well, they’ve plenty of material if it works.

A Storm in the Stars is an upcoming Mary Shelley biopic from a female director (Haifaa al-Mansour), a female screenwriter (Emma Jensen), and three female producers (Amy Baer, Joannie Burstein, and Rebecca Miller). SOLD!

As we seem to moving towards the certainty that Roberto Orci is directing Star Trek 3, here’s some blasts from the Roddenberry past to remind us that Kirk is awesome, Star Trek is quite deep, and dudebro action antics need not apply: have Kirk worrying that he objectifies women and Kirk arguing for reproductive rights.

The more we learn about Ant-Man, the more it looks like Janet Van Dyne, one of the original Avengers and the first woman on the team, is dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unless Evangeline Lilly becomes the new Wasp (or Janet is secretly not dead), this doesn’t bode too great for ladies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

John Stamos will be guest-starring on Galavant, the comedy fantasy musical television series ABC appears to making specifically for me. This is not a drill.

The first trailer for Into The Woods has… no… singing? What is this nonsense, Disney? Still, I’m so excited for James Corden and Emily Blunt as the Baker and the Baker’s Wife.

The A.V. Club concludes Comics Week with a fascinating round table on diversity in comic books with Oliver Sava, Janelle Asselin, Karl Bollers, and G. Willow Wilson:

GWW: Karl has pointed out something very important: This isn’t simply about putting minority writers on minority books. We don’t want to create a literary ghetto in which black writers are only allowed to write black characters and women writers are put on “girl books.” This is about bringing more people into the broader conversation. There’s no reason a gay writer can’t write a straight Superman or a woman can’t write a classic Thor book that die-hard fanboys would love. There is a certain danger in thinking about diversity in its own little box, as something that is somehow separate from “normal” comic books and comics creators.

At The Boston Globe, Francie Latour interviews Carolyn Finney about her new book, which focuses on the hidden history of black Americans and conservation.


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3 thoughts on “The Week in Review: August 3rd, 2014

  1. A trailer for a Sondheim show without Sondheim songs seems to be missing an essential ingredient… says the Sondheim fangirl. I’ll end up seeing it because Into the Woods is one of my favorite musicals, but I expect to be as disappointed as I usually am with movies of my favorite musicals. I just have to remind myself that not everyone lives in an area with a vibrant theatre scene, and these movies may be their only chance to see some of these shows at all.

  2. I really only needed to hear “Mary Shelley biopic” to be a thousand percent in. I am delighted that it’s also got loads of awesome women working on it. Wonder who they’ll cast!

    I expect the Into the Woods trailer is intended to get everyone extra super whipped up, so that when they DO release the trailer with the first bits of singing, there will be even greater excitement throughout the land. I’m in the joyful position of not liking Stephen Sondheim very much, so the movie really can’t disappoint me; it can only exceed my (quite low) expectations. An unpopular opinion, but true!

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