The Week in Review: June 15th, 2014

Arvada: Olde Town Stadium Theatres

New life goal: visiting as many historical theaters as possible. Don’t get me wrong: I adore franchise theaters, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema specifically. I should get paid for how much I promote them to people. But it’s just so awesome to see old theaters with character.


Guillermo del Toro is working hard on the script for Pacific Rim 2! Travis Beacham is not so involved, but that is because he is currently spreading Ancient Egyptian vampires through the world via television. But del Toro has confirmed that Pacific Rim 2 will be a direct sequel.

Scream! Claire Hummel is interviewed on the Light Grey podcast. I’ve been following Hummel’s career off and on since I was a kid, so it’s a delight to actually hear her.

Rik Mayall passed away this week. I watched The Young Ones during high school, off and on, and loved it, so I’m sad to hear of it.

The always magnificent Anne Helen Petersen gives us the history of Entertainment Weekly, complete with adorable anecdotes about her odd childhood and the death of synergetic conglomerates like Time Warner.

The new Assassin’s Creed lacks lady characters. According to Ubisoft’s technical director, this is because adding a female character would have doubled the work of the animators. Because men and women apparently move so differently that no gentlemanly animation could be used. What the what. Aja Romano tears it apart at the Daily Dot, putting in the context of animation as a whole.

The trailer for The Legend of Korra Book Three is here! It looks so awesome.

Rumor has it that DC and Warner Brothers will be bringing us a Wonder Woman movie in July of 2017—and Christmas of that year will boast a Flash and Green Lantern team up. (Really? Not Green Arrow? Even I know that they’re buddies!) Meh.

Teacher Ileana Jiménez taught a feminism course at New York’s LREI high school. Several of the senior boys in her class made a video about their choice to take the class and how it opened their eyes, especially to the concept of intersectionality. Heartwarming!

“If Asians Said The Stuff White People Say” is perfect satire: cutting, incisive, pointed, and hilarious. “Do you have a normal name, too? Or just your white name?”

At a commencement speech at Dartmouth, Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes called for students to be active activists, specifically pointing out Twitter hashtags as armchair activism. Arturo R. García at Racialicious wonders if she’s off-base or not.

Magic: The Gathering is coming to to the silver screen. Feed me old school fantasy.

One Thing Well is a blog that highlights very specific apps that usually only do one or two things. Useful if you need to find something particularly finicky to streamline your life.

At Salon, Joy Castro examines the racial politics of Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch and wonders why it hasn’t been a bigger part of the conversation around the book.

The FORD technique is a way to remember major topics for small talk: family, occupation, recreation, dreams. I make a lot of small talk at work, due to the nature of my day job, and this sounds a lot like my unorganized scripts. This will help me!

At Aeon, Nabeelah Jaffer contemplates cultural appropriation and its place in generating culture:

Let’s say that we could stop all cultural appropriation tomorrow. No feathered headdress would ever again mar a fashion runway. Blackface would remain a thing of the past. Only those signalling their identification with the Palestinian struggle would wear the keffiyeh. Yet here’s a sticking point – since the scarf was once just a symbol of Arab masculinity, should we revert to that? Given that almost every cultural form has been purloined from somewhere else, it proves tricky to tell what belongs to whom, and to separate the offensive jerks from those pursuing respectful cultural innovation. The line between insider and outsider can be surprisingly indistinct.

PixelTrek is a simple game that lets you explore the USS Enterprise in pixel form. It is, unsurprisingly, incredibly addictive.

Aw, snap, Rat Queens is being developed for television as an animated show! Awesome!

Anne Helen Petersen’s second hit of the week: analyzing the adapted filmography of Nicholas Sparks. The wham line that should make you run to this article:

When critics say the Sparks Male is a fantasy, they’re correct. But the impulse to fetishize this type of kind, emotional man is, at least in part, an extension of the frustration and fear of misogynist male culture. Misogyny is by no means a recent phenomena, but with the vivid manifestation of misogynistic theory put into practice, none more visible than the recent Santa Barbara shootings, it makes sense that the heterosexual American woman doesn’t want a man who’s hot or smart or clever so much as one who will never hurt her.

This story about an entire dormitory of high school girls in the sixties becoming Trekkies and writing fic is a delight.

Thomas Frank takes a damning look at the narratives around climbing tuition rates.

Taffy Brodesser-Akner offers a reading of Britney Spears’ Vegas residency as a feminist act by a working single mother. Incredible.

Jason Momoa might be playing Aquaman in Batman V. Superman: Grimdark Grimdark Grimdark. I feel like DC is just desperately throwing characters at this movie at this point, although casting an actor of color is a step in the right direction. (Every time I hear Jared Leto’s name thrown around for Dr. Strange, I recoil. NO SLEEP UNTIL ODED FEHR, MARVEL. Although Patrick Dempsey would be a choice so hilariously beautiful that I would have to respect it.)

The webmistress at medievalpoc talks frankly about death threats, WisCon, and how N.K. Jemisin has inspired her to continue the simple task of telling the truth.

Partial Recall” is an article about neuroscience, memories, identity, and heritage. Stunning.

Purchased: None
Added: Connections by James Burke (via Ask Chris), The Naked Civil Servant by Quentin Crisp

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