The Week in Review: February 2nd, 2014

Library: Demon Sun

Oh, I don’t like transitions and all the attendant paperwork, but what must be done must get done, so I’ll get over it. It just gets in the way of reading, you know? But I’ve had a good week otherwise (accidental kitchen wound not withstanding)! I polished off Palace of Spies and started on 1963. I also stopped by ladybusiness on Wednesday to talk about the history of Western media fandom, and it’s been getting a lovely response so far.


Lana Del Rey covers “Once Upon a Dream” for Maleficient. Like most of Del Rey’s work, it sounds like a beautiful, languorous nightmare. It’s free on Google Play until tomorrow.

However, the actual jam of the week is Kacey Musgrave’s “Follow Your Arrow.” Come to think of it, it does sound like it belongs in a Disney movie—the one set in the Southwest, when our heroine learns that she just needs to believe in herself from a kindly side character.

Peter Capaldi’s costume for the Twelfth Doctor is revealed! His outfit is a lovely nod to the Third Doctor. Alternatively, goodness, Tuxedo Mask is aging well!

The Dissolve summons a roundtable to contemplate what makes a “good-bad” movie. I agree with the general consensus: that an excess of ambition combined with a lack of talent and/or resources makes for the best fare.

Graced with Light

San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral is currently playing host to Graced with Light, a music, video, and textile art installation. Despite my utter lack of any religious training, I have always adored cathedrals as sacred spaces, and stained glass windows especially play on my love of light.

A passel of lovely lasses cosplay The Hobbit, albeit without the canonical beards. They look marvelous, especially their Balin, who kind of looks like Tilda Swinton’s take on the Goblin King.

tumblr user thylaa, who made me t’cry’la with laughter with her summary of 2009’s Star Trek, takes on Star Trek Into Darkness. It starts with a loving joke about Archive of Our Own and continues with Spock’s quest for main character status and Benedict Cumberbatch’s quest to play every character ever.

Sprout is a kind of pencil that has a seed at its end. When you’re done with the pencil, you put the stub into soil and water it to get either herbs or flowers. This is so strange and lovely.

I’ve seen the third page of Princess Princess floating around tumblr, but I never realized it was part of a longer comic! It’s a sweet story about two princesses finding their very different strengths and falling in love.

Empire has been releasing our first looks at a few characters in X-Men: Days of Future Past. All I have to say is that Quicksilver appears to be the world’s laziest speedster, judging by that facial expression. Oh, and the future Sentinels are ridiculously gorgeous.

At Deadspin, a former NFL cheerleader discusses how the compensation for being a professional cheerleader—for all the work that goes into something that is absolutely a sport on its own—is technically minimum wage. I am utterly shocked by this.

tumblr user jennirl collects the various tests that are useful for gauging feminist critique of a text. The Sexy Lamp test in particular slays me, because it’s so true.

A cut scene from Thor: The Dark World establishes the implication that Frigga taught Loki magic, because she wanted him to have “some sun of his own” in the shadow of his father and his brother. All the tears, but now I’m intensely fascinated by Frigga and Loki’s relationship.

Which we may get more time to explore, with the confirmation of Thor 3 this week. Oh, please let that Agents of SHIELD episode end with Lorelei captured and Thor 3 open with the Enchantress knocking some heads together to get her sister back. And Lorelei would be ungrateful… oh, I could go on. There’s a lot of potential in those comics, that’s all I’m saying.

Jesse Eisenberg is our new Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons is our new Alfred for Batman vs. Superman. I’m confused, but Irons’ presence could elevate that film from the grimdark hot mess I am expecting to enjoyable bad movie. You know, like Dungeons and Dragons or Eragon.

A handy .gif guide to Steven Moffat thinking he’s being feminist but actually saying horrible things about women on Doctor Who.

Oh my God, Mystique is going to kill JFK in X-Men: Days of Future Past. I normally really hate it when stories try to offer supernatural explanations for historical events, since it often morally flattens the issue at hand. But X-Men: Days of Future Past gets away with it, because it is going to be totally bonkers.

The marvelous Gavia Baker-Whitelaw is nominated for a Hugo Award in the category of Best Fan Writer! If you can vote to get her on the shortlist—Gavia is a wonderful, thoughtful, and very funny writer.

Oh, snap, J. K. Rowling has said that Ron and Hermione’s relationship may not have worked out and that, were she to do it again, she might pair off Harry and Hermione. On the one hand, I really value Harry and Hermione as platonic friends. On the other hand, the horn has been sounded. The Harmony shippers will soon crest the hill, dust upon their shoulders and fire in their eyes. Let it begin. Let it begin.


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4 thoughts on “The Week in Review: February 2nd, 2014

  1. Okay, I can see JK Rowling’s point that Ron and Hermione might not be suited to each other in the long term. I can see that point. BUT I do not think that Hermione/Harry would have been any better. I think Hermione is great as a sistery friend to Harry, and I think as romantic partners they would drive each other batty.

    I want Days of Future Past to be good SO MUCH, and I feel like it’s going to turn out dreadful. BUT I WANT IT TO BE GOOD SO MUCH. It sounds like it is going all-in on the bonkers stuff, which I love, but I just think there are too many characters and too much going on for it to be good.

    • Exactly. Hermione and Harry could have been nice, but Harry has his own issues. Plus, I think Rowling is forgetting something a bit bigger—Harry married into the Weasleys. Very much so on purpose. Honestly, I find Harry much more family-focused than romance-focused, which would influence a Hermione/Harry relationship. Also: bed, made, lie. The novels are what they are.

      I want it to be good, too—that conversation between the Xaviers!—but it seems… hypersaturated at this point.

  2. Love that Kacey Musgraves song! We publish a book of kids songs sung by country music stars called Frog Trouble and I went to a conference where I had to listen to the cd at least 100 times and I didn’t really get sick of any of the songs, but I was ALWAYS excited when Kacey Musgraves Heartbreak Song came on:

    ALSO HOW have I missed what X-Men: Days of Future Past is about? It sounds AMAZING. I just watched the trailer and I’m beyond excited. I have been living under a rock.

    • Oh, awesome!

      What isn’t X-Men: Days of Future Past about? The dystopic future where mutants are hunted! The sixties, where Charles Xavier wears enormous flares and was not apparently crippled all the way! The intersection of them both! And EVERYBODY is in this movie. Everybody.

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