The Week in Review: December 29th, 2013

Rocket Fizz: Nick "Angel" Fury

For those who celebrate, I hope your Christmas was as nice as mine! My parents came out to visit me, which almost made up for not being home and seeing my nephew. The store has been busy, but not as busy as the lead-up to Christmas. I am, however, hotly anticipating my New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, which, I have decided, is going to be a forty-eight hour me party. Ah, the joys of being an introvert in retail.


A writer for Deadpool NOW has confirmed that Marvel character Deadpool is omnisexual. Related: an article on tumblr from before this announcement commenting on how subtext and humor is used to code Deadpool as queer.

io9 lists off the great lost manuscripts of speculative fiction, including a collaboration between C. S. Lewis and Tolkien that never came to pass. Don’t get too excited (or do, if you’re a philologist!); it was an academic text on language and meaning.

Sleepy Hollow’s Clancy Brown has joined the World of Warcraft cast. No details have been given on his character, but I’m assuming grizzled wizard. (Word on the street is that it’ll be based on the first game? I doubt this, since this would mean no trolls and no night elves, and that is unacceptable.)

We’ve officially moved onto the Twelfth Doctor this week on Doctor Who, whose casting was a source of great tension in the fandom. I mean, I love Peter Capaldi, but with the [REDACTED] back, I just want someone to ask the Doctor if he ever gets bored being the same thing every regeneration. To remind you of what is possible, I offer up Neil Gaiman’s eleven facts about the Corsair, the only canon Time Lord and Lady who switched genders and races with each regeneration. This gif set of the Corsair’s Nine Incarnations (based on those scant facts) is lovely as well. (Wouldn’t be wonderful if the next show runner just fell in love with the Corsair and they popped up every once in a while, always played by a different actor?)

Speaking of Doctor Who, Racialicious’s “Who-mogeneous” looks at Doctor Who and race in the context of Doctor Who attempting to become a global phenomenon. It’s an interesting take on the situation.

I haven’t watched Star Trek: Voyager, so I haven’t actually read this article, but here’s a piece on how it was feminist sci-fi that pushed the boundaries of what Star Trek is (in reaction to J. J. Abrams’ work on the series).

Hey, remember that love triangle in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug? Evangeline Lilly specifically took the part because she was told there would be no love triangle, and she got tricked in reshoots. Gross.

tumblr user respectissexy looks at the difference between racist behavior and being a racist:

I am also white and thus my voice may not be needed in this discussion, but I personally find it useful to differentiate between being racist as an adjective and being a racist as a noun. I feel like a lot of (admittedly pretty self-absorbed and missing-the-point) white people hear something like “all white people are racist” and think, “If all white people are racist, then I’ll never not be racist, and so you’re saying that no matter how hard I try to unlearn my racist I’ll never be any better than my unabashedly racist grandfather, so why bother. That is foolish, so obviously it can’t be true that all white people are racist.” But the way I see it is, I will probably always be racist, no matter how hard I work to unlearn and unpack that, because living your entire life in a culture that reinforces your superiority is a hell of a drug and I’m not magic. However, I can make a conscious choice not to be a racist like my granddad, the people on this blog who think that educational inequality and structural racism aren’t real barriers and people of color are only worse off because stupidity or laziness, the people who think that stereotypes about white people are equally damaging, and so on and so forth.

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a gingerbread Optimus Prime?

Suffragette is going to be a lady-written, lady-directed, and lady-starring movie about the very first wave of feminism. This pleases me.

A trio of related links on getting called out: Chescaleigh in the above video, Verónica Bayetti Flores at Feministing, and Ngọc Loan Trần at Black Girl Dangerous.

The always marvelous medievalpoc has launched a stable website to archive their tumblr content!

Juana Galan was a Spanish barmaid who led the women of her community against Napoleonic troops trying to invade Spain in 1808. Weapon of choice? Stick.

Jack Weatherford at Lapham’s Quarterly writes about Khutulun, a Mongolian warrior princess whose presence is still felt in traditional Mongolian wrestling.

I know this was before Christmas, but take whatever work and family-related excuse you’d like. The last Hobbit production video of 2013 focuses on the music of the films, which results in a sweet look at orchestras, film scoring, and Howard Shore’s awesome house.

Here’s a full trailer for BBC’s ten-part The Musketeers miniseries, featuring a diverse cast and Peter Capaldi as Richelieu. Je suis là.

Amy Nicholson at LA Weekly rips Saving Mr. Banks apart—after all, as she points out, this is a film that asks us to root against a woman trying to maintain creative control over her work. (And the film glosses over the fact that Travers was dating her longtime girlfriend at the time.)

Agneta and the Sea King” is a Swedish fairy tale based on a Danish ballad whose heroine is focused on saving herself.

Justin Landon at examines why trilogies are supposedly so prevalent (although he doesn’t touch on young adult fiction at all). Pro-tip: it’s not Tolkien’s fault. It’s Tolkien’s publisher’s fault.

LightningLouie at io9’s Observation Deck compares and contrasts classic and new Doctor Who in the context of how television has shifted in the gap between the series. He also has a very good take on the companions in this comment thread; namely, that the Doctor has become the main character, instead of the relatable companion, which certainly adds to a lot of the faults of the Moffat years.

The Motherland Chronicles is an artbook project by photographer Zhang Jingna and artist Tobias Kwan. Gorgeous!

It was never a question that my beloved Princess Zelda would turn up in the latest incarnation of Super Smash Brothers, but the rumor that she might not be able to transform into her ninja alter ego Sheik saddens me. C’mon!


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4 thoughts on “The Week in Review: December 29th, 2013

  1. Poor Evangeline Lilly. If there was yet another thing stopping me from seeing these Hobbit films it’s the revelation that there’s a bloody love triangle – and I can imagine nothing less likely that Tolkien would have considered an Elf-Elf-Dwarf love triangle remotely possible. Tolkien did a love triangle or two (usually involving Turin) and they never worked out well for anyone. I don’t know how it’s even possible to articulate how much everything I read about Jackson’s Hobbit films makes me want to rant for hours.

    Sorry about the profanity, but I am really disliking what Jackson is doing to Tolkien’s works.

    I do like your round-ups – many thanks!

    • To the film’s credits, it actually comes off as terribly sweet—they bond over their different cultures’ view on stars and, since the love triangle was added in later, Tauriel does have motivations outside of it as the major moral compass of the film—but Tolkien purists should stay well away. The Lord of the Rings films are lovely; these are… well, they’ve got high points and then they’ve got some very low points.

      Aw, thanks!

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