The Sunday Salon: The Hobbit — Desolation of Smaug Production Video #11

While my feelings about the first Hobbit film meant that I didn’t drop everything to watch the new production video, this is still my fandom: when I had a chance, I watched it twice. What’s that sound? Sounds like the call for another superfluous frame-by-frame commentary of the video!

  • 0:20: PJ and company can’t make it to Comic-Con because they simply can’t manage it in a way that would work for everybody. if only such restraint was in the films… I KID. I KID.I would love to hang out with PJ.
  • 1:30: Bifur catches Thorin!
  • 1:34: The dwarves trundle unhappily through Mirkwood.
  • 1:47: Oh, Sylvester McCoy, you are perfection. Not that Ian isn’t perfection, but we already knew that.
  • 1:54: Grungy Bilbo.
  • 1:55: The dwarves back away from some enemy. The set looks like Beorn’s house to me.
  • 1:57: Ian McKellen, be my granddad.
  • 1:59: Gandalf beats up some dudes in Dale.
  • 2:00: Thranduil draws his blade! I also wonder if my friend Megan has a point with her theory that I wear my hair long and blonde now because of the Greenleaves. Thanks, Peter Jackson, it’s been working out for me.
  • 2:01: Mirkwood action scene!
  • 2:02: Legolas lands with a graceful THUD.
  • 2:03: Thorin lands with a graceful THUD.
  • 2:04: Orcs! And so far from Auckland.
  • 2:05: Bard!
  • 2:13: Tauriel and Kili are in proximity to one another. As a fervent Tauriel/Lindir shipper, I find the rumors of a romantic relationship between the two UNACCEPTABLE. I just want her to tug on Lindir’s metaphorical pigtails and mess up his undoubtedly perfectly ordered office to flirt with him, okay? THAT’S ALL I WANT.
  • 2:42: Drive-by shot of Legolas.
  • 2:54: It is so wonderful to see all the physical props and costumes. An Unexpected Journey suffered from too much CGI divorcing it from the “real” world (as established by the first film trilogy), so it’s easy to forget that this stuff is real and wonderful.
  • 2:59: Thorin plays the song of his people on Orcrist.
  • 3:00: Giant, glorious statue of a dwarven king. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, ACTUAL SET. I LOVE YOU.
  • 2:28: There is a man in Wellington who is known as Dave the Punk. This is perfect.
  • 3:43: Boucherie? Getting well French for Laketown and/or Dale, aren’t we? As much as it pains this French kid to admit, Tolkien would not approve.
  • 3:47: The armor and weapon design of the original trilogy was so blindingly gorgeous (I have that art book! I bought it from a Unitarian Church’s rummage sale) that just the idea of Dale’s armory makes my heart sing. I can’t wait to see it in detail.
  • 4:57: Do they all have printed t-shirts with their character name and a number on there? Oh, that’s nice. Why is Thorin number four, though? Shouldn’t he be number one? Or maybe it’s a system to keep track of who is doubling who. Nice!
  • 5:01: The stunt coordinator is wonderful. I like him.
  • 5:07: Dwarven armor! My inner costume designer is screaming in joy.
  • 5:31: I assume this is all Adam Brown’s idea, because it sounds like him.
  • 6:35: Any shot of the hair department makes me drool. I’ll take the lot, please.
  • 6:39: NO, PLEASE DON’T REMIND ME IT’S POO. I know it’s poo, but please don’t remind me.
  • 6:58: I mean, it’s charming when it comes out of Sylvester McCoy’s mouth, but anything is charming coming out of his mouth.
  • 7:15: Mirkwood guard extras! Lookin’ good!
  • 7:52: …not quite sure about that “sketch”.
  • 7:55: Gandalf and Thrain watch Gandalf’s dailies.
  • 7:56: Oh, this is heartbreaking now that I know what this is.
  • 7:57: Thranduil in what I am assuming he means when he says “Let me slip into something more comfortable.” My Thranduil costume may be easier than I expected.
  • 7:59: There will be no end of silly Legolas faces! Grand!
  • 8:32: Elven dorks. Would I watch a buddy comedy about Tauriel and Legolas (and Tauriel’s boyfriend Lindir)? I would produce that.
  • 8:41: Evangeline introduces herself to Ian, and Ian has perfect timing. Bless.
  • 8:57: Dale is gorgeous.
  • 9:20: I’m happy Orlando Bloom has gotten to a place in his life where he’s pretty chill, content, and easily amused. I just remember him in promotions for the first trilogy and he was a little more serious.
  • 9:49: Bain’s actor is lovely! That’s a good piece of family casting, even though they don’t look terribly similar. It’s still just enough that you buy it.
  • 10:13: Plus, they have great chemistry, which really sells it. Lovely. Luke Evans’ delivery of “because he’s my son” is very funny. I LIKE THEM.
  • 10:25: “Look, Thranduil, I don’t think the internship is working out for Legolas.”
  • 10:41: Oh, that shot looks too processed, reminding me how all of this wonderful tactile stuff might appear onscreen. Ennui!

This week was my last full week at home before heading off to the Denver Publishing Institute. I’ve been reading and writing reviews like mad, getting my wardrobe sorted… the torrential rains here in Georgia have been helping keep me indoors and out of trouble, which helps. I did, however, go see On Her Majesty’s Secret Service last night with my awesome friend Natalya at the Plaza Theatre, which is hosting a 50 Years of Bond celebration. Ruby Bartlett: I adore you.

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Do you have any reactions to the new production video?

5 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: The Hobbit — Desolation of Smaug Production Video #11

  1. I do love your timeline breakdowns Clare! I’m…not so sure for seeing Hobbit#2…I was major disappointed with part one…just not anything like the book at all for me. I think your take on things are better than Peter Jackson’s, to be honest!

  2. These production videos feel a lot more fun than the movie itself will be…just a creeping feeling. At least the director, actors and production team are obviously enjoying themselves!

    And, I think, a really good film of The Hobbit could be cut out of this three-parter…again, based on the first part alone. A lot of the extraneous material could have easily been shed without affecting the main storyline. But I’ll reserve judgement, it might turn out Part 2 is a huge improvement on Part 1.

    • I remember reading a review of the Ben Stiller Starsky and Hutch where the reviewer said that it was not a good movie, but the production team clearly had a blast making it.

      Yeah, I can’t wait to get my hands on all three extended editions. Have you ever heard of It’s a community of faneditors that recut films. I assume The Hobbit will be a prime target once all three movies are out.

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